The Chance — 8.2

> The book is finally finished, and this will be the last segment I post here.  The complete story will be appearing shortly on Amazon.      The market as it was laid out didn’t use Undamned rigs, despite her understanding that those guys ran the thing, if she had that correct.  It was surrounded […]

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a pain in the ass

–> here’s a bit of bellyaching which will eventually become part of my Christmas story …   It was one of the ones that wasn’t going to pop, not nice and easy.  One of the horrible lingering ones, one of the real bastards.  Wasn’t ripe yet, wasn’t ready.  Yet it sure as fuck felt like […]

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The Vigilant

>> A little piece of something else, trying to get my juices flowing again to finish off Chance …   1.   A dog keeps barking. It’s not going to quit.  Damn thing won’t let her get back to sleep.  Unless she shot it.  That would sure shut it up.  She seriously considered the possibility.  […]

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The Chance — 7.6

Two months before she went to Florida—actually a tad longer than that, or possibly more than a tad, closer to three months than two—Holli broke up with her boyfriend, a guy named Neal.  A guy she’d been with for over two years.  It had been her longest relationship, and by a good margin.  Closest to […]

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